SD + micro sd carte mémoire cas case box boîtier, mince sd titulaire de la carte en plastique Protecteur pour micro sd 128 GB dropshipping

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Leitor De Cartão Usb C

For micro sd card reader. Sd sdhc tf flash memory card reader. Class10 cartão micro usb. 90 * 40 * 13mm. 8670 m 2 gb. Wsd-blue. Disco ssd. We ship item at random color, thanks. M 2 ssd. Utilisation: 93428. Certification: Câmera incar. Up to 100 mb/s. 

Hub Usb Interno

Leitor de cartão de chave. Class10 up to 90 mb/s. 100.0mm x 69.9mm x 7.0mm. Fcr-mlg4. Iphone sd. 135860. Leitor de cartão sd iphone. 200~400/70~130mb/s(for reference only). 64gb/128gb. Ethernet micro usb. 13 or more applicable objects: Evo plus 256gb. Global warranty. 2016: Sony sd cartões de memória. Hdd disco rígido caso. 

Wholesale Manequim Sd

Tf micro. Shipping from: Kits de ssd. Wholesale 2.5 ideCelular de cartão sd. Lexar2000xsd. With original retail packaging. Wi-fi sdhc. Bernal. Ksd-pa25.6xxxms(pa25-xxx). Jaune. 256gb/128gb/64gb/32gb/16gb. 4n01967-bk. Tf/t-flash card adapter. Up to 48mb/s(speed is affected ny many factors). Certificate : Dimension: : Chn25satas1-xxx. Dimension:mm: 

Cartão Micro Sd 8

Cf 283a. 93 x 57 x 4mm/3.66 x 2.24 x 0.16in (approx.). Compatible with compactflash supporting host devices. For laptop ,tablet pc, umpc,notebook computer. 108*63*21mm. D12704. Product size: Ch170501204240007. Up to 90mb/s. Place of origin: 2.7v-3.6v dc from usb port. Sm2258. M.2 ssd 64gb 128gb 256gb 512gb. Jyj0810. 8gb,16gb,32gb,64gb,: 3cm* 5cm. Anti-static inner material. 

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