Sans fil Buzzer Systèmes 433.92 mhz Receivber Et Table Bell 100% Imperméable À L'eau (1 pcs affichage avec 2 pcs montre et 25 pcs bouton d'appel)

interfone digital, relógio de pulso lugares

Relógio De Cozinhas

Brand name: Wrap size: Digital campainhas. Pager vibrador. K-302 k-d1-black. Working with radio model : Blue green red. 168*140*41.5mm. Pagers and beepers. Relógio de pulso. Wireless watch receiver: Bell pagerRestaurante sistema de computador. K-32c+ k-o1plus-wooden. Rádio em dois sentidos do carro kt8900. Wireless bell table buzzer system. Watch type: Sistemas de e-mail. 

Monitorar Cardiaco Inteligente

Sistema de mensagens de pulso. K-336+k-h4-wyellow. Plano de cafe. Watch can show call number in one time: K-m button : Wireless waiter service call pager table system. K-2000a+ k-o3-w. 433mhz or 315mhz. Pub conjunto. Wireless transmission system. Festa de infusão. 

Ligue Para Banheiro

Wireless restaurant paging system: 300m in open area. Guest queue paging system. Suling. From 00-99. Relógios continentais. Wireless service call system. Pager calling system: Restaurant,bar,hotel,cafe shop etc. Kq-2011tk+kq-2011cp. Sistema de escuta assistida. Restaurant guest paging system. Display way: 60 60 32 mm. 

De Longo Alcance Transmissor Receptor

Embalagem cubeds. Wholesale queuing sistema de paginação. Wholesale segurança elétrica. K-300plus-red+k-d4-wooden. Call pagers: Restaurant call buzzer server paging systems. Transmissor beacon. Chamar de lar. Fast food restaurant. 800m (open area). Wholesale botão de strass. Service caller pager system. K-4-c-usb+k-300plus-red+k-d3-wooden. Mcoplus 40 m à prova d' água. 

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Shoreline Drive and surrounding area of the Long Beach Convention Center setup for the inaugural Long Beach ePrix on April 4, 2015. Within hours after the race concluded, the streets were returned to the public. In two weeks the barriers will be back up again for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.