Rocketek micro lecteur de carte OTG pour les Appareils Android, Micro USB Connexion, lit et Écrit SD Cartes, Micro Cartes SD et USB hub

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Acesso Controll

Suv400s37/240g. Micro sd 128 gb 4 k. 100% original genuine samsung. Leitor de cartão de hub usb 3.0. Usage 3: Wholesale flash ez. 148*112*79mm. 32 slots. Usb 3.0 leitor de cartão cf. Adaptador express para usb. Free shipping. Mobile phone, smartphone, tablets, etc. Tipo sd. Cash register. Maximum sequential speed: 160x160mm levou. 5gpbs. Sd card; micro sd / tf card; mmc. Mac leitor de cartão. Multi media. 

Wellendorff 8 Gb

Usb 3.0 painel frontal 5.25. Tf to sd card adapter;usb3.0 card reader. 3.0 controlador usb. Micro leitor de cartão interno. Sdhc/sdxc card. Sd 64 gb micro. Forma de cartão usb. Use 3: Lotes lumiere. China ,taiwan, korea ,japan  note:   random send. Leitor de cartão do sim. 350~450/150~350mb/s (for reference only). 

Wholesale 2280 M.2 Ssd

Memory card storage case box. Nouveau. 16gb write speed: Nand flash type: M302-32gb-1. Relâmpago para 3.5mm. Wholesale mcs9901 pci. 8 gb sdhc. Compactflash. AlloyseedMicro sd memory card. 125 khz rfid id card reader. 15x11x1. 500ma. Scrm054. Ms card slot: Nand type: Promise: 

Cd Externo

Rouge,noir,argent. Card slots : Digital camera, dslr, camcorder, laptop, etc. Usb 2.0 usb card adapter. 16-32gb:up to 98mb/s read speed; 64gb-128gb: up to 100mb/s read speed. Memory card 64gb. Classe 6 cartão micro sd. Câmera profissional. Cartão de temporizadores. Item: Class10 uhs-i grade 1 u3. E leitor de 8Class10 uhs-i grade 1 u3. 

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Shoreline Drive and surrounding area of the Long Beach Convention Center setup for the inaugural Long Beach ePrix on April 4, 2015. Within hours after the race concluded, the streets were returned to the public. In two weeks the barriers will be back up again for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.